Flavors of Pleasure Academy is not responsible for any misuse of the Healing Wand. Follow the guidelines provided and always consult your doctor, health practitioner or physical therapist first, before using the Healing Wand.

Return/Refund Policy:
Due to the intimate nature of our products, there are no returns or refunds.


Healing Wand- Clear

What’s Included: 
-Approx. 11” with a width of 1”
-Great for those with limited mobility
-Medical Grade Acrylic Material
-Latex Free
-Pouch for storage
-Basic instructions
-Made in the US
Benefits that you may experience, when practicing regularly:

-Helps pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
-Helps identify pelvic floor pain & trigger points
-Helps with vaginismus & painful scar tissue
-Helps with Anorgasmia
-Release stored trauma
-Identifies numbness in the pelvis
-Resensitize & enhance pleasure and sensation
-Increase libido and arousal
-Deeper, fuller, longer orgasms (multiple, blended, etc)
-Developing orgasmic awareness by increasing various types of orgasms (i.e. g-spot, cervical, vaginal, etc)
-Perfect for g-spot & prostate massage
-And much more…

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