Flavors of Pleasure Academy is not responsible for any misuse of the 100% Pure Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg. Follow the guidelines provided and always consult your doctor, health practitioner or physical therapist first, before using the 100% Pure Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg.

Return/Refund Policy:
Due to the intimate nature of our products, there are no returns or refunds.


100% Pure Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg

What’s Included: 
-Medium, approx. 1.7 x 1.2 inch (43mm x 30mm)
-Horizontally drilled for easy stringing and cleaning
-Satin pouch
-Unwaxed dental floss
-Basic instructions
Benefits that you may experience, when practicing regularly:

-Relieves shame, trauma, old wounds, and conditionings
-Strength training for your pelvic floor
-Resensitize & enhance pleasure and sensation
-Increase libido and arousal
-Supports pelvic & vaginal health (heals incontinence & vaginal prolapse)
-Helps with vaginal dryness & thinning
-Helps recovery from birth or surgeries
-Deeper, fuller, longer orgasms (multiple, blended, etc)
-Developing orgasmic awareness by increasing various types of orgasms (i.e. g-spot, cervical, vaginal, etc)
-Helps with chronic yeast or bladder infections 
-And much more…

-Spiritual awakening or enlightenment
-Deeper connection with yourself, body, and yoni
-Sense of belonging and acceptance
-Healing your trauma and transforming it into love, acceptance, trust, & safety
-Magnetizing your desires in every area of your life
-Sense of peace & wellness
-More intimacy and deeper love for yourself or your partner
-Helps you tap into your power & intuition as a woman
-And much more…

Metaphysical Properties:
The 100% Pure Canadian Nephrite Jade is a sacred, healing stone for the yoni, heart, and circulatory system. It is a universal stone for restoration and unconditional love, harmony, and trust. It purifies and opens the heart which enhances positive energy. It balances the yin-yang energy.

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