Hi there! I’m Camilla, a Sexual Freedom & Intimacy Coach. But, there's so much more...

Multi-Certified Sex Educator/Sexologist through the American College of Sexologists International (ACS), Marriage and Relationship Coach, Transformation Coach, Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™, Tantra Practitioner, Somatic Healer, Reiki Master and Teacher, Bondassage® Practitioner, Elysium® Practitioner and Vaginal Steaming Practitioner

it wasn't long ago that...

I worked for Child Protective Services as a social worker and quickly realized that this wasn't my place... 

It became harder and harder each day to deal with the stress and the routine of doing something I loved for a system that I didn't. 

So, I came back to what I was really passionate about. When it came to relationships, sex, love and even marriage, I had so much shame around myself that I overlooked what I was helping everyone else with the most. I had built a business out of my relationships and my research but never thought to make it a career until one day when my husband wanted a separation...

I did not want another woman to experience the lack of pleasure I had in my marriage.

As a Christian, I've had to deal with my own shame, as it relates to sexuality. With such a taboo topic that continues to be swept under the rug, in the church, and not having an outlet for these conversations, I decided to create one. I am fervent in helping others bridge the gap between sensuality and spirituality. 

Once I began this work on myself, I was able to thank my ex-husband for walking away from the marriage. Had he not done so, I would have never stepped into my calling or purpose. I know what it feels like to be married, but still feel alone or to never have an orgasm with my husband. I needed to go through all of that and much more, to speak to the wound’s others are experiencing. Once I dealt with my own shame, I knew I wanted to work with Christian women.

I also knew that healing needed to be done in both of us. Thus, I expanded my work and have had the privilege to work with men and couples to help them navigate their intimate relationships. I’m finding that more men are stepping up and want to restore what has been lost or taken away, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help them along this path.   

MY REALLY OFFICIAL title, the ACSI Version

Multi-Certified Sex Educator/Sexologist, Marriage and Relationship Coach, Transformation Coach & Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™




I was classically trained on the violin (but I can't play a note anymore)


I attended a lot of football games during my undergrad at UCLA and still don’t know anything about the sport. #secretshame


I walked on the UCLA Women's Basketball Team, but quit after the first year. 


Even with my many degrees, I will still create new words in a minute!

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Mexican Food

celeb i'd love to meet

Morris Chestnut

Guilty pleasure

Ratchet Reality TV

alternate universe job:

Social Worker

favorite place i've been:

Milan, Italy

drink of choice

Porto Morgado: Tawny 

can't live without

My Faith

usually craving

Milk Chocolate

pepsi or coke

Pepsi, always!

currently watching

Sistahs or The Oval

of pleasure

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