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Let’s Change the Negative Narrative Around Pleasure

Everything in life, begins and ends with you…. Why should your pleasure be any different? 

Explore one on one coaching and learn ways to honor your true essence and become radically unapologetic about who you are and what you desire!

Group Coaching available in 2022

let's keep it real

Our society is always looking for quick fixes. Have you fallen into that trap as well? 

You become a serial dater, hoping to find love. Jumping in and out of relationships so you will not be alone. Disassociating and pushing down your feelings while masking them with food, work, or pornography. Or, you invest in a pill to help with sexual dysfunction or other sexual issues. Each of these experiences keep you disconnected from yourself. Hence, the problem with quick fixes. They always backfire!

Good news….you don’t have to do this alone!


Had he not done so, I would have never stepped into my calling or purpose...

Once I began this work on myself, I was able to thank my ex-husband for walking away from the marriage. Had he not done so, I would have never stepped into my calling or purpose. I know what it feels like to be married, but still feel alone or to never have an orgasm with my husband. I needed to go through all of that and much more, to speak to the wound’s others are experiencing. Once I dealt with my own shame, I knew I wanted to work with Christian women.

I also knew that healing needed to be done in both of us. Thus, I expanded my work and have had the privilege to work with men and couples to help them navigate their intimate relationships. I’m finding that more men are stepping up and want to restore what has been lost or taken away, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help them along this path.

But now I know how to help.

Here’s What You Need


Having superficial conversations over a bed of dishonesty never helped anyone to create lasting solutions! I’m the no-nonsense girl next door who is willing to have “THOSE” conversations in order to break the chains of shame, guilt, and discomfort around sexuality & intimacy.  


Having confidence in asking questions or communicating your true desires is not always easy. I create a safe space for you to release the mask that you have been wearing and help you tap into your pleasure potential and discover what true intimacy is all about.


We all come to a place in life where we need some guidance or support. Some shy away from it because of our upbringing, spiritual beliefs, cultural norms, while others believe they have all the answers. No matter how much you know, have learned, been told, or experienced, there is always something more to discover. It’s time for you to give yourself FULL permission! You get to be ALL parts of who you truly are, stand in your power, all while using pleasure as the basis of your transformation. And my job is to guide, encourage, and support you on this journey to sexual freedom!

Everything in life, begins and ends with you…. Why should your pleasure/sensuality be any different?

- camilla

Here’s Your Solution! 

The mind-blowing journey you’re going to enjoy, as you consistently show up for yourself:


Mindset shifts that will instantly make you see things differently and question why you didn’t start sooner.


Blast through myths, generational conditioning, and address limiting beliefs while releasing fears around sex.


Learn to connect with yourself and/or your partner and overcome sexual stuckness.


A roadmap on how to prioritize your pleasure and use it to create the life you want. 


Stop having obligatory sex, confidently ask for what you want, and be heard…plus so much more.

Yes, It's Really Life Changing

Cheryl K.

“Camilla has been a blessing that arrived into my life at just the right time.”

Through her insight and rational coaching, I’ve gained a very new perspective on my marriage and relationship with others. Camilla always has a pleasant and upbeat attitude, which makes working with her delightful. I am beyond grateful to have experienced Camilla’s coaching. The tools and strategies I’ve learned, are a foundation of how I approach people and situations.

Thank you so much Camilla!

Valarie Grossman

“She is my *go to* for all topics related to sex and relationships.”

Camilla is a powerhouse of turn-on and wisdom. She is my *go to* for all topics related to sex and relationships. She has a playful electric groundedness that is enlivening to be near. Numerous times she has guided me to places of great clarity. HIGHLY recommend.

Kelly K.

“Camilla’s experience and wisdom have a way of leading you where you need to be, and see what you need to see.”

An honest and strong shoulder that supported me in working through some hard times. I had the honor to work with Camilla for several months as she helped me through some challenges in myself and my marriage. Her smile and infectious attitude overlie a strength and steadfastness that makes you see the choices in front of you and take accountability for your actions.

Trust in her vision, sometimes the end goal may not be apparent, but Camilla’s experience and wisdom have a way of leading you where you need to be, and see what you need to see.

Is This Right For You? Yes, if you are….

100% ready to say “Yes” to yourself and your relationship

Ready to dismantle the mask you wear each day and live in your truth

Willing to give yourself permission to stop hiding behind your unhealed trauma

Ready to become consciously aware and understand your anatomy, as you activate your pleasure potential

Experiencing any form of sexual dysfunction

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